Homemade Kirlian Photographs

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Homemade Kirlian Photographs
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DIY Kirlian Photos

DIY Kirlian Photos

A kirlian photo is a photograph of electrical corona produced around objects under the influence of high voltages.

There are two common methods for producing kirlian photos. One is a little tricky, but the other method is quite simple if you have access to a few basic bits of equipment. You can see how to make a high voltage power supply supply on the DIY ignition coil driver page and others. If you are less familiar with building electronic circuits you can use our power pulse modulator to drive a hv spark coil as a high voltage source. The electrode plate can be made yourself or purchased from a supplier of ITO coated glass.

This method allows you to photograph or view electric field around object with the naked eye. It works by creating a high voltage field between an object and a transparent electrode. The high voltage field causes ionisation of the air which is visible as a purple glow known as corona.

The image above shows one of our Plasma Photo Plates resting on some ceramic insulators. You can use any insulator such as some plastic cups or glasses. Our electrode plates are provided with a filling syringe and caps so that it is easy to get started. An alternative to liquid filled plates is to use glass with a special coating of Indium Tin Oxide. If using ITO glass, just remember that the conductive surface is exposed which although very tough, it can be damaged by high voltage discharges. You should place the sample on the uncoated side of the glass so that the corona does not touch it directly.

Connected to the electrode plate is a high voltage spark coil which is being driven by our Power Pulse Modulator. The Power pulse modulator (PWM-OC10A) allows the high voltage coil to be driven with a variable frequency and power levels. This allows for different effects to be produced.

Kirlian Photos Using Transparent Electrodes

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