Hieronymus Machine Plans by Bill Jensen

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Hieronymus Machine Plans by Bill Jensen
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Plans for the Dr. Thomas Galen Hieronymus Machine

Copyright - William D. Jensen May 7, 2010 Kirkland, Washington Version 1.3


Link to examples of Hieronymus machines

Jensen Manual on the Hieronymus Machine Replica Free manual I wrote with instructions on using the Hieronymus machine, courses of study to learn how to use it, and much more. MS Word document 403KBytes..

Materials list of some conductors, insulators, and storage of Eloptic Energy in particle and wave manefestations.

Purchase The Story of Eloptic Energy for $10 with Paypal. 32MB Instant download ! This is the rare book published by Hieronymus, on his discoveries in Eloptic energy. It also has a lot of biographical data and research leading to his radionic inventions.

Purchase The Eloptic Medical Directory for $5 with Paypal. 3 MB Instant download ! This is one of 2 manuals supplied by Hieronymus, detailing the human medical healing operations of his medical analyzer.

Purchase the Cosmiculture Manual for $5 with Paypal. 5 MB Instant download ! This is the second of 2 manuals supplied by Hieronymus, detailing with the healing of plants, animals, ridding pests, and special rates since the Eloptic Directory, etc.

No longer a need to buy the Jensen Manual on the Hieronymus Machine Operation, its free above. Click here only if you want to donate $5. 400 KB Instant download ! This is the manual I wrote that compiles all the diverse operation procedures in the above 2 manuals, and the 12 boxes of printed and handwritten files abandonned in the warehouse, by Hieronymus after he died.

My free link to the actual 1949 US Patent (# 2482773) of the Atomic Analyzer / Medical Analyzer Hieronymus Machine (file size = 500K)

Dennis Buffy Blog Link to my friend Dennis Buffy whose blog tells about his successful Hieronymus experiments. He is an excellent operator of my Hieronymus machine. Our households share a common faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Growing Plants in the Dark (pdf) Link to article written by Dr. Hieronymus on growing green healthy plants in total darkness, but exposed to some sort of energy (later he called it Eloptic energy) from the sun, conducted along insulated copper wires. Would make a good science project. He mentions it in his 1949 patent.

Note: I am selling my data DVD with the purchase of a complete Hieronymus Medical Analyzer (most popular, plans below) machine. Although the price is subject to change, the Hieronymus Medical Analyzer is now $650 plus shipping. I can sell it outright, or through my Ebay account (>500 feedbacks,

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